Your daily horoscope.

Your daily horoscope

Find out what reserve your daily horoscope

Every day millions of people read the daily horoscope to see what in store for them the love, health, and work.

The planets and their positions affect the lives of thousands of men and women equally and time, astrologers and scholars studying the relationship between their movements and the consequences that may have in the lives of men and women. Discover your daily horoscope.

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 Your daily horoscope

Your daily horoscope

Oroscopo settimanale Ariete  Aries The excessive security in your abilities can take you off the road and you make decisions that should be weighted. Check the mood swings, a direct result of the dissonance of the Moon in Cancer today.

Work. Diluted over time commitments prevent overloading, now that you are close to completion of your projects.
Love. Playing with fire, in the end you risk burning. This is what happen if you do not stop playing with the feelings of others.
Health. In case of headache, you will help a massage done with the fingertips, covering the entire area affected: the head, neck, shoulders.

Oroscopo settimanale Toro Taurus Questions concerning the home needing a solution. The advice of an expert will allow you to do better and to fix many things. A friend in trouble needs your understanding: you know him to return the smile.

Work. As you are demanding in terms of collaboration, was considering whether to enter in your personal best qualified staff.
Love. You have not been particularly attentive to the needs of the partner: ask forgiveness from sin and begin now to be more present.
Health. Do you like cooking and you are a great gourmets, but you must strive to improve your eating habits, avoiding excesses.

Oroscopo settimanale Gemelli Gemini To claim the right to decide freely, you must be sure of the validity of your ideas and do not act on the spirit of contradiction. In the family, patients and available to meet the needs of others.

Work. Do not lose sight of your goals, dedicating assets side, but concentrate on achieving the desired results.
Love. Irony and humor are valuable weapons they will use when you feel uncomfortable. No one is more clever of you to mask the embarrassment ...
Health. Sometimes you have hypochondriac attitudes, at first alarming little discomfort there. A routine check will serve to reassure him.

Oroscopo settimanale Cancro Cancer xit the house, meet people. Contact with others will serve to counter the melancholy put in the opposition to Pluto moon. It is pointless to stay in solitude to brood on the other hand deserves to be lived.

Work. Make the most of your quality to gain the recognition you deserve. Do not be afraid of expressing an idea which worked for some time.
Love. A gift, a flower or a small object may be sufficient to state feelings and unexpressed desires. Have the courage to surprise.
Health. Some discomfort in the legs may be the effect of a lifestyle too sedentary. Solving with gymnastic exercises targeted.

Oroscopo settimanale Leone Leo At work, although you must take into account the views of influential and highly placed persons, objectively valid. With friends you feel at the center of attention, thanks to your proposals.

Work. Grit and determination are from yours, but you must still struggle to overcome the setbacks brought on by Mercury.
Love. You will feel completely involved in a relationship which had initially not given much importance.
Health. By Trigano Mars that guarantees extraordinary doses of energy and that of Venus enhances your charm, you feel real lions!

Oroscopo settimanale Vergine Virgo Once on the floor, we make every effort to keep it as this that keep the most is to be considered honest and credible. A familiar question is an opportunity to clarify precisely your principles.

Work. All that will be good at work today, I will be earned on the field, putting the game in tact, diplomacy and prudence.
Love. Far projects together with the person of the heart becomes more fun and stimulates the imagination. Pleasant encounters for singles.
Health. Organized fun activities for leisure time. Un po 'entertainment will help you relax physically and psychologically.

Oroscopo settimanale Bilancia Libra Driven by the arguments made in the field by the Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, the fear of losing ground freezes there. Spend more time with your cultural interests and social relationships, friends are calling you.

Work. Trust your intuition rather than give credit to a colleague who, instead of your interests, pulls water to his mill.
Love. Not encouraged, with attitudes doubt, a person who does not actually you. In so doing, ferireste only his feelings.
Health. Overcome the problems of image and accept your flaws sull'autostima working. Help with Crab Apple, among the flowers of Bach.

Oroscopo settimanale Scorpione Scorpio You can rest thanks to the wise intervention of a head of department, work will begin to ease tensions. To willingly surrender some of your programs to help a colleague in distress.

Work. Not love and be subject to the rules for evaluating this state, with increasing insistence, to get it themselves.
Love. Small attentions of a partner will make you think. You could not give up easily to a report that gives you so much.
Health. Health above all: to commit to maintain a regular lifestyle and active and not looking for an excuse to neglect.

Oroscopo settimanale Sagittario Sagittarius You know exactly where you want to get there, but you need to try to hurry and wait until there is an opportunity to act. At home, you may be asked for a small sacrifice: try to show patients and available.

Work. Someone will try to keep you unaware about some changes at work. Make the best of a bad game.
Love. Susceptible to the lure of a fan, you might forget that you have the heart involved. Careful not to injure the feelings of others.
Health. Very good for those who practice sport, with the support of Mars continues to provide good energy. Yes a fresh look.

 Capricorn With the Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in the sign, you are somewhat 'irascible and unpredictable, inconstant and uncertain in the face of the choices. In the family, your thirst for independence could trigger endless and unproductive controversy.

 Work. Sin of presumption if you think you can do everything alone. Let help from those who have more experience than you in the field.
Love. Do not miss out in melancholy and nostalgic regret for past loves, rather try to commit to improve the present.
Health. To prevent stomach pain, morning coffee to avoid fasting. Always a good breakfast, including fruit.

 Aquarius - The situations to be monitored increases, but your contributions will be decisive. Be wise and measured in managing money. In love, the attitude of the partner makes you safe and allows you to plan for the future.

Work. Love. Do not steal precious time to your business and family issues that can be safely postponed.
Love. In respect of two, will be available and ready to express your feelings. Demonstrations of affection even from a friend.
Health. A good remedy for hair loss is the oil of juniper red for clutches or two horsetail capsules three times daily, after meals.

 Pisces It loosens the tension in the family, through the balanced involvement of a relative, and now you feel surrounded by affection of your loved ones. Good wishes for the purchase ol'affitto of a house, or for any restructuring.

Work. Happy to accept the advice of an expert in the field will prove very useful to your professional growth.
Love. Gentleness and understanding: this is what needs the relationship with your partner. Begin today, taking advantage of the lunar favor.
Health. The mood is increasing and the physical energies are missing there. Set aside laziness and open to a lifestyle more active.

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